Mobile Car Inspections

Mobile Car Inspections

Blue slips

Getting a Blue Slip for a vehicle can be part of the overall requirement for a vehicle that has been out of registration for more than 3 months, or a vehicle that has been bought from a different state other than NSW. A Blue Slip is an inspection beyond a standard Pink Slip or eSafety Check. This process includes the safety check and additional inspections.

Pink slips

The eSafety Check or Pink Slip is not normally required for vehicles under five years old. 4WD and commercial vehicles still need to be inspected for a pink slip/eSafety inspection. The report is sent electronically to Roads and Maritime Services and is valid for 6 months. A White Slip is issued when repairs are needed to meet eSafety requirements. The repairs must be made within 14 days.

If the repairs are not completed within this period, another eSafety Check must be performed, at the original cost. If the repaired vehicle is returned to the original inspection station within the 14-day period, no additional inspection fees are incurred. Pink Slip inspections are required yearly.

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